Saturday, July 6, 2013



In 1904, The boy who would not grow up, a play by Scottish novelist  James Matthew Barrie, was first played at the Duke of York's Theatre in London, and in 1913, Walt Disney saw it for the first time and was amazed by it. Shortly after, he would even participate in a school version of the play along his brother Roy.

The first Peter Pan Movie was a black and white, silent feature released in 1924. As the previous versions of the play, the role of Peter was played by a woman, actress Bettie Bronson. The film featured many technological advances, such as having a live action Tinker Bell, and other special effects.

In 1939, Disney bought the screen rights, and in 1940 the studio began producing a feature length film. But the Walt would have to wait 14 years to release his 14th feature film called Peter Pan. For me, one of the top 5 movies in Walt Disney history.