Monday, May 6, 2013



Saludos Amigos was the result of a trip through South America to promote American values during the Second World War, as a way of countering the influence of Nazi Germany in some Latin American countries. 

Accompanied by some amazing artists such as Frank Thomas and Lee and Mary Blair, Walt Disney walked the streets of Argentina, Brazil and other countries, studying their culture, drawing sketches and developing new stories in an improvised studio set up in their hotel rooms.

The film is made up of four short films, each one set in a different country. 
We also get to see some of the characters that will be featured in Disney's next movie (which was also inspired by the teams travels) The Three Caballeros: Donald Duck and José Carioca.

Even though the stories are funny and the animation looks nice, it is far from the previous animated features. 
Still, it was a great way to get over the studio's crisis after the crash of the European market and the animator's strike in 1941. 

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