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Atlantis is Disney's 41st animated feature produced by Disney and the second film co-directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. After Hunchback of NotreDame, the pair decided to work together on a new film, and adventure feature inspired by the works of Jules Verne instead of a musical like so many other Disney movies. In other words, they wanted something with "Fewer songs and More explosions" as they stated.

But making a movie with no songs wasn't the only thing that set this project apart from previous Disney films, aesthetically it is very different from what the studio was known for doing. The characters and overall mood of the film were based on the work of Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola.
Most times, when a movie's art direction is based on the work of an outside Disney artist, the product is very unique. See what happened with Hercules for example.

Not only did Mignola work on the overall look of the film, since he was such a great writer, he was invited to take part in the story meetings. Apparently he made some great contributions to the film, adding some elements that made the movie a bit better.

Even though the design in general is great the whole city, the characters and the vehicles, which where designed by Matt Code and Jim Martin) the story wasn't very good. I think that Atlantis' biggest flaw is that there isn't really a character that the audience cared for.

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