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Meet the Robinsons is Disney's second feature film completely made in 3D animation, and the first one done after the studio's acquisition of Pixar, and so John Lasseter became a producer and an important part of the show's development. 

Based on the book "A day with Wilbur Robinson" by William Joyce, the movie was originally intended to be a live action film, but after a while it was passed on to the animation department where Stephen Anderson took it as a very personal project and directed it. 

The movie was actually presented in Disney Digital 3D in some theatres, after having done the same with Chicken Little. But the first Disney animated movie released in 3D was Adventures in Music: Melody in 1953! 

But again, in my opinion this is another one of the worst movies that Disney animation has produced, and although the 3D work looks better than in Chicken Little, the story and characters are still far from great. 

First of all, the Robinsons. They just don't seem to be developed enough in the film. I mean, you don't actually get enough time to connect with them and feel like they're a cool family. It's kinda what happens in the Xmen movies, there are just so many of them that you get 5 seconds of each one and you don't have enough time to decide if they are cool or not. 

And then we've got the villain Goob, and although the actual villain is the hat, Good is the one that we are obviously more attracted to (being a human and all). And even though Disney does some amazing villains, here they decided to go for the goofy type, the one that never does anything right and nothing goes according to plan. And that's just the worst kind of villain you can have in a movie!

One thing that I did like in 2007, even though I hadn't even watched the film until a couple of days ago was the music. Danny Elfman composed the score for the film and it is great, as usual. But one song that I really liked and that probably has a better story than the movie is Rob Thomas' Little Wonders (it's kinda embarrassing to say it now, but anyway).

Also, notice how the music video starts with an early version of Pixar's The Blue Umbrella, haha. 

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