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Big Hero 6 is Disney's 54th animated feature and the first one based on a comic book by Marvel after Disney's acquisition of the franchise in 2009. But just like the studio has done so many times with other stories, the film is really very loosely based on the characters and plot of the original comic book.

The movie was directed by Don Hall and the super amazing Chris Williams who's been a great part of Disney's new renaissance with movies like Bolt, Frozen and now BH6.
Going back to what Disney does best, the movie focuses on amazing characters (design and personality-wise) and a great story. 

In my own opinion, this is Disney's best movie since Emperor's New Groove which came out in 2000, so this is a pretty big deal.
Although the movie is based on existing characters, Disney started from scratch reimagining these characters and coming up with some really incredible designs that bring the story to life. Shiyoon Kim created the new, simple but great characters merging a sort of manga style with Disney's very well known own style.

I've been following some of the visual development artists who worked on this show and their work is just incredible. The process of how a movie transforms from the first ideas to the final product is amazing. 

As I've done before, I asked some friends to make some illustrations inspired by Big Hero 6. I've been very lucky to have these guest artists do stuff for my blog throughout the time I've worked on the Disney Challenge.

I also did an alternate illustration for it since I had 2 ideas and didn't know which one to go with. 

This is the final illustration of the challenge until the next Disney film comes out.
Its been amazing doing this project. I've learned so much about animation, visual development and Disney's history, and I hope you've enjoyed reading my comments on every film.

This project has been a very important part of my life for the last one and a half years, and I'm very grateful of all the followers I have and every single person that has come by this blog. 

I'll be doing some other projects, so keep in touch through social media!

Anyway, I'll really miss this thing.
See ya later, and remember: If you can dream it, you can do it! 

Rafael Mayani

Andrea Delgado

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