Sunday, December 7, 2014



Wreck-It Ralph is Disney Animation's 52nd feature film. Packed with some great video game cameos, the film was first envisioned by the Disney team in the 1980's and was since developed under different supervisors, changing the story throughout the years until it was finally Rich Moore, one of The Simpsons' first directors, who saw the movie's development till the end.

Even though some of the movie's aesthetics are based on existing video game concepts and worlds, the creative team at Disney did a great job at designing something incredibly fun and really nice to look at. This is also partly because of the rendering software used to create the light and texturing of the film. Throughout the studio's history,  Disney has been known for working on groundbreaking technology which they use to create their films, and though they hadn't done anything super innovative in the latest years, for Wreck-It Ralph they developed a new system of rendering which really enhances the visuals in the film.

But the visuals are also a result of the amazing visual development work by some of my favourite vis dev artists working right now. Lorelay Bove, Helen Chen and Ryan Lang are really incredible "new" artists who are doing great things at Disney and DreamWorks.

The Voice cast is also really great in this film. Filled with great comedy actors, it features some really fun acting and, as is tradition at Disney, the characters come to life with a mixture of super good voices and great animation.
My favourite character of the film is King Candy, voiced by Alan Tudyk. The character's design and voice is clearly inspired by the Mad Hatter from Disney's Alice in Wonderland from the year 1951.

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