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Dinosaur is Disney's 39th animated feature, the second one from the year 2000, the first one made only with 3D characters, and the first one to include live action environments.

The year 2K was a weird one for Disney in my opinion. Fantasía was an unexpected movie for Disney to make I think. I guess as kids we got used to the amazing adventure movies that Disney had put out in the 90's and were expecting more of them, so when Fantasia 2000 came out, I guess we were all a bit underwhelmed (although now that I saw it again I thought it had some great stuff).

We still had a chance to get an adventure movie the same year with Dinosaur, but apparently Disney focused more on bringing some incredible visuals and not so much in creating the great characters that they normally develop or an interesting/new story for their new film. Sory-wise they gave is a new (and not very good) version of The Land Before Time, and character-wise they failed to create visually appealing and likeable characters.

Pixar had already released Toy Story I and II and A Bugs Life, so we were already familiar with all CG animation films. But Disney surprised us with this crazy mix of CG characters with live action environments that (for 2K) seemed pretty awesome.

The production team at Disney created the backgrounds for Dinosaur using footage from 5 different places from around the world including Venezuela, Hawaii, Florida, Australia and California. And in some cases the footage from different cities were combined to create more amazing landscapes.

There's not much to say about Dinosaur. Despite its technological advances, the film is still one of my least favourite movies from Disney (and the start of a bumpy road for the studio).  

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