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Fantasia 2000 is Disney's 38th animated feature, and the second instalment of Walt's ongoing music based project which began in 1940.

Since the 1930's Disney had been working on animated segments based on music scores which were called Silly Symphonies. The very first one (and probably on of the most famous ones) is the Skeleton Dance which came out in 1929. Since then, and until 1939, Disney produced 75 different Silly Symphonies sequences before releasing its first feature film: Snow White.

Walt's idea with Fantasia was that there would be new sequences coming out every once in a while so that the film would be constantly changing with the inclusion of new stories and some of the classic ones from previous Fantasia versions.

The original Fantasia came out in 1940 and was considered by Walt Disney as his most ambitious project. But due to WWII the project cost more to Walt Disney than it should and no new sequences were created. That is until Roy Disney decided to continue what his uncle had started.

In 2000, Disney premiered the second part of Fantasia, and as Walt had wanted it, there were a bunch of new sequences and a classic sequence from the original selection.

As I did when I worked on the illustration for the original Fantasia, I invited a bunch of friends to work on their own illustrations based on the new sequences. Each person got a Sequence and was free to reinterpret any of the characters or the whole sequence.

Here are the results!

Pines of Rome- Eris Haunreiter

Piano Concerto No.2 - Angela Bardakjian

The Carnival of the Animals- Aaron Martinez

The Sorcerer's apprentice- Andrea Delgado

Pomp And Circumstance- Joao Lucas

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